Historic Els Capellans

A truly special piece of land, with a river, lake, mountain and Monestry

The Monestry

Historic Monestry. In need of complete renovation, but retaining many unique and wonderful features.

The River

Providing a haven for wildlife, the river uniquely flows all year round.

The Aquaduct

Built by the Monks, a rare and wonderful aquaduct once used to provide the monestry with water and irrigate the land.

The Vineyards

Wine from the grapes grown here has been enjoyed for hundreds of years and is known for the quality of the grapes to this very day.

The Orchards

The furtile land and year round sunshine provides the perfect growing environment for figs, apricots, oranges, lemons, peaches and many varieties of fruit.

The Hill

Overlooking the entire land is a tree covered hill providing a wonderful view across Els Cappalans and the surrounding valleys beyond. A path leads to the summit providing a wonderful walk.

The Lake

A sizable lake provides a tranquil and beautiful spot.

The Forest

Mature woodland surround Els Capellans with pathways already mapped out winding through the beautiful countryside.


Located in the beautiful Spanish countryside - between the towns of Benilloba and Alcoi.

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